Breaking News! Pope Francis I comes out

Surprise, surprise!  The new Pope doesn’t support gay marriage!

This is news?

He is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church!  What do people expect?

Personally I’m glad we no longer burn people at the stake for having a different opinion from the majority. I’d like to foster more of a live and let live attitude in my own heart and mind, and I’d like to see that attitude in the people around me, in my friends and family, in society in general.

I’m glad I live in a country where theists and atheists alike are free to express their viewpoints.   Aside from talk that incites hatred and persecution,  I’m grateful for freedom of thought and freedom of speech.   If we love ourselves and others, if we  recognize that each of us is flawed  (Pope Francis included), that no one person or organization has the corner on truth, that rule of law aside,  we have no right to impose our views on others,  that’s got to be enough.

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I don't go 'first class'. I can't afford to and even if I could I think I would still choose to travel as I do. I think you meet a more interesting class of people if you use local transportation and just take your chances. I'm getting restless again. Hope to meet you on the bus or train.
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