First poetry collection: The Undefended Hour


If I’d needed to make a living from my poetry, I would have starved to death a month or so after beginning my career.  One month, or however long it takes to die when you don’t eat.

My first collection of poetry – The Undefended Hour — can be read, in entirety, free of charge! If vanity publishing, if shameless self-exposure,  are crimes —  guilty as charged;  put me in jail.   First see the evidence.  Follow the link (below) to Blurb.  The poems are the product of a manic April, with some spill over into May and June.  Warning:  uncensored adult themed material, such as you’d expect from a manic April.

I had great fun writing these poems, and, with the help of photographer, Kim Ayres  yet more fun putting the collection together.    Well, to be honest, I had a hell of a time with the punctuation and know that the punctilious amongst you will have your mental red pens out, fixing the line breaks and changing commas to full stops. Punctuation — dammit,  there comes a point! where you have to commit.

About annewlindsay

I don't go 'first class'. I can't afford to and even if I could I think I would still choose to travel as I do. I think you meet a more interesting class of people if you use local transportation and just take your chances. I'm getting restless again. Hope to meet you on the bus or train.
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