Big Foot

By the end of this month I will have taken 13 air flights this calendar year.  One of my green friends levelled criticism at me noting that,  due to air travel,  my carbon footprint is too  large.  In my defence — I am 5′ 2″, weigh 112 lbs and usually travel with no more than a carry on that I can stow under the seat.  Therefore I reckon, that all other things being equal I use up  less fossil fuel that a regular sized passenger and perhaps 50% or less than do  bumper sized passengers and/or  passengers with checked luggage.

About annewlindsay

I don't go 'first class'. I can't afford to and even if I could I think I would still choose to travel as I do. I think you meet a more interesting class of people if you use local transportation and just take your chances. I'm getting restless again. Hope to meet you on the bus or train.
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2 Responses to Big Foot

  1. tabulatury says:

    “I honestly like to come here and look around your blog and I specifically adore this text. I worship your ability to say what you have in a few words. You at once go to the point and you don’t equivocate. I wish that you will continue to post in your style and that you will not change it. Yours truly, Monique.”

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